Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Herds of Lispers?

Ever VNC into a computer that has a VNC window open to the computer that you're on? That's how I feel when I link to a blog that's linked to mine.

About twice a week I search for 'lisp' on technorati, and it's still a little surprise for me when I see someone else writing about one of my articles.

Bob Congdon's entry is mainly a discussion about my entry about Java vs. Lisp language expansion, but at the end he talks about the likely number of Lisp programmers on one project - he himself worked on a project with five. I can't imagine much more than that, both because you wouldn't need that many and we seem to be so few and far between I'm not sure how you'd get that many together.

What's the biggest number of Lisp programmers you've seen on a project?

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