Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Joel is influential, we must assimilate him

Bill pointed out Joel Spolsky saying
"I had to install Lisp in a Box and start working through Seibel's new book on Common Lisp until my brain started functioning again."
What I find interesting is that the number of links to Lisp In A Box on Delicious' lisp tag has really shot up the past couple of days. Expect a newbie mini-flood on c.l.l.

Hmmm... it says on Joels site: "Joel on Software is sponsored in part by Apress: Books for Professionals by Professionals."

Maybe thazt could have influenced his mentioning also (PracCL being published by Apress).
he gets book free from apress
he gets book free from apress
Hey, it made me buy his best software writings book. :)
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